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"The Colors Of Black&White"

We gotta keep the missing safe,
make sure the living are found,
& all the while the dead are at peaceful unrest,
laughing at our hope.

Which is the joke?
Humanity or Perfection
We're the perfect humans when soldiers go to war.
To be humane is not to be perfect.

I wanna be flawed;
I want cracks in my interior;
I want the machine that Man versus.
You give me blessings with your curses.
I want a world bleak and wearier.

Give me defects.
Gimme your glitch for my mosaic.

Picture found on Olyfantastique tumblr.
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Sinthetic Beauty | II
( You are about to view content that may only be appropriate for adults. )

Through the eyes of a dead man.
( You are about to view content that may only be appropriate for adults. )

Sinthetic Beauty

Name: Sinthetic Beauty
NC-17 overall; this one is probably PG/PG-13
AU, crossover with The Picture Of Dorian Gray, sexual content in the future
Dean/Castiel, Sam/Castiel
Just my imagination.
Castiel Novak explores the world of eternal beauty with his friend Lord Dean Winchester.
Word Count: 2158
Author’s Note:
This is what happens when you read Dorian Gray for the fourth time with a Supernatural obsession on the brain. xD Dean is Henry Wotton, Sam is Basil Hallward, and Castiel is Dorian Gray. Sam and Dean aren’t brothers in this, by the way.




"Castiel is special to me. In the short time I've known him I've wanted to keep him a secret. Something all to myself."Collapse )

Tean Free Will
All right, so, took me about three days to do this.
I'm not happy with the way Dean [left] looks. Jensen Ackles is effing hard to draw from off memory. x_x
But Cass [middle] and Sam [right] are all right. I think Cass might need some touch ups, but whatever.
Oh and, the Metallicar? Not as easy to draw as you'd think. xD

Improv Team Mascot
Usually that's me, but I thought, to make things official, we should have an animal. Or in this case a creature-chimaera-thing.

[pronounced "bah-guh-shnaa-guh-shnaa-guh" and "bahj"/"bahjee"]


'Cause I'm a camera whore and I like this picture.

Wtf, is wrong with me? But it was worth a shot. ;Db
This is what happens when you read too many "Supernatural" Dean/Sam fics, in which Sam likes to be spanked entirely too much:

trashbonedeity (10:15:55 PM): hmmm, SHOWER TIME NOW
trashbonedeity (10:15:57 PM): brb
trashbonedeity (10:16:00 PM): or.safsgkjsg
rainfalldesert (10:17:09 PM): All righty
trashbonedeity (10:39:39 PM): ok baaack
rainfalldesert (10:40:02 PM): Mmm, nice and squeaky clean just to get dirty all over again, baby
trashbonedeity (10:40:41 PM): oh shush XD
rainfalldesert (10:41:18 PM): Or how 'bout I bend you over my knee? You've been a bad girl, Lara. I should spank the naughty right out of you
trashbonedeity (10:41:32 PM): LMFAO
trashbonedeity (10:41:37 PM): not into spanky, sorry bby
rainfalldesert (10:41:56 PM): Shame. These BDSM fics I'm reading make it seem very hot

To "skull fuck" or to not "skull fuck"? That is the question, indeed.
rainfalldesert (11:38:33 PM):There's needs to be Sugi/Byou interaction D:
rainfalldesert (11:38:37 PM):I miss them ;-;
Shadow91754 (11:38:54 PM):You just want a sex scene XD
rainfalldesert (11:39:36 PM):Amongst other things... ¬¬
rainfalldesert (11:39:44 PM):Gotta admit,t he sex would be hot
rainfalldesert (11:40:02 PM):Sugi would totally tongue that missing eye ;Db
rainfalldesert (11:40:11 PM):*admit
rainfalldesert (11:40:21 PM):Wait. *the
Shadow91754 (11:40:22 PM):XD
rainfalldesert (11:40:23 PM):There we go
Shadow91754 (11:40:41 PM):We could do that
rainfalldesert (11:40:52 PM):Strangely enough, i imagined Sugi skull fucking Byou in his eye. Poor guy
rainfalldesert (11:41:57 PM):S/B thread, y/y?
Shadow91754 (11:42:54 PM):OMG
Shadow91754 (11:43:10 PM):What happened to 'liking' his pack members?
Shadow91754 (11:43:17 PM):That's more like rape D=
rainfalldesert (11:43:49 PM):Wait, whut
Shadow91754 (11:45:18 PM):The skull fucking
rainfalldesert (11:45:53 PM):B-but... Sugi's so good Byou would like it D'=
Shadow91754 (11:45:58 PM):And rape is not an expression of 'fatherly/mentorly' like
Shadow91754 (11:46:15 PM):Omg, I doubt Byou would allow it
rainfalldesert (11:46:24 PM):Pfft, when has Sugi ever been fatherly and mentorly like?
rainfalldesert (11:46:38 PM):It'd be dubious consent, I assure you ;D
rainfalldesert (11:52:16 PM):KARA D8
Shadow91754 (11:53:43 PM):XD
Shadow91754 (11:54:01 PM):I can't believe Sugi would skull fuck Byou
Shadow91754 (11:54:13 PM):Oral is one thing... eye socket is another
rainfalldesert (11:54:30 PM):Sugi's a kinky guy. Almost anything goes xD
rainfalldesert (11:54:36 PM):Plus, he'd be way curious, lol
Shadow91754 (11:53:43 PM):XD
Shadow91754 (11:54:01 PM):I can't believe Sugi would skull fuck Byou
Shadow91754 (11:54:13 PM):Oral is one thing... eye socket is another
rainfalldesert (11:54:30 PM):Sugi's a kinky guy. Almost anything goes xD
rainfalldesert (11:54:36 PM):Plus, he'd be way curious, lol
Shadow91754 (11:55:11 PM):We can do a thread and see where it goes
rainfalldesert (11:55:20 PM):START IT 8D
rainfalldesert (11:55:39 PM):Oh, and did Kouki stab Byou's eye out or just stab his eye?
Shadow91754 (11:56:53 PM):Stab it out I thought
Shadow91754 (11:57:08 PM):That's what Micky and I agreed on just now
rainfalldesert (11:57:11 PM):All right, then it can't grow back xD
Shadow91754 (11:57:18 PM):That's what I thought
rainfalldesert (11:57:26 PM):I thought it just got stabbed
Shadow91754 (11:57:29 PM):OH
Shadow91754 (11:57:33 PM):No wonder
Shadow91754 (11:57:56 PM):Well this way Kouki can be a happy clam and not have to repeatedly keep stabbing Byou in the eye
Shadow91754 (11:58:09 PM):every month or whatever
rainfalldesert (11:58:47 PM):True xD
rainfalldesert (11:58:51 PM):So.
rainfalldesert (11:58:54 PM):What if...
rainfalldesert (11:59:03 PM):Sugi licked the socket? ¬.¬
rainfalldesert (11:59:06 PM):Is that okay?
Shadow91754 (11:59:29 PM):He can tongue fuck it for all I care
Shadow91754 (12:00:17 AM):But if his cock goes in there, I bet it's too big to fit >.>
rainfalldesert (12:00:29 AM):How nice of you :'D
Shadow91754 (12:00:31 AM):It would get stuck D=
rainfalldesert (12:00:40 AM):LMFAO SPEAKING OF STUCK
rainfalldesert (12:00:52 AM):I heard about Byou getting stuck in Tora's ass, lmao
rainfalldesert (12:00:59 AM):You must've been bored xD
Shadow91754 (12:01:10 AM):Oh on SF, right?
rainfalldesert (12:01:19 AM):Yeah
Shadow91754 (12:01:20 AM):Yeah, we were very bored....
rainfalldesert (12:02:30 AM):Anyway, i think with enough lube Sugi could get it in there
rainfalldesert (12:02:36 AM):Might... like, poke his brain
rainfalldesert (12:02:39 AM):But it'd be in
Shadow91754 (12:02:47 AM):God, Dede
Shadow91754 (12:02:54 AM):And I thought I was kinky
rainfalldesert (12:03:21 AM):I'm sorry, certain handicaps make me very curious xD
rainfalldesert (12:03:31 AM):AND TWO CAPITAL Ds DAMN IT
Shadow91754 (12:03:43 AM):I knew I'd get yelled at for that
Shadow91754 (12:03:46 AM):Whoops.
rainfalldesert (12:04:01 AM):"Whoops" my ass
Shadow91754 (12:04:46 AM):And anyway, we don't want Byou getting brain fucked everytime Sugi shoves his dick inside
rainfalldesert (12:04:57 AM):XD!
Shadow91754 (12:05:10 AM):Brain =/= prostate
rainfalldesert (12:05:12 AM):Maybe we do. it might return his sanity
rainfalldesert (12:05:53 AM):Brain ≠ Ultimate G-spot ;D
rainfalldesert (12:05:59 AM):Wait
rainfalldesert (12:06:06 AM):I meant "="
rainfalldesert (12:06:08 AM):xD
Shadow91754 (12:06:41 AM):XD
rainfalldesert (12:07:33 AM):Anyways, you should go start up that thread
rainfalldesert (12:07:39 AM):At Byou's house or somethin'
Shadow91754 (12:11:11 AM):And Sugi's coming over to pay his best wishes and it turns into a fuck fest
rainfalldesert (12:11:24 AM):Hell yeah
rainfalldesert (12:11:28 AM):Sounds like a porno xD


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